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Opportunities, Not Just Business Ideas

Big Startup Ideas is a database of startup business ideas designed to inspire entrepreneurs. Our AI-powered app finds practical problems in online data, paying attention to pain points that consumers and businesses are likely to invest in solving. Then it generates business ideas to target them. Lucho (a Ph.D. guy) remains in the loop to improve it.

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Startup and Business Ideas

Here are a few examples of startup and business ideas from our database. The wide range of problems to tackle calls for a broad spectrum of ideas. They might be for a local business, or be online business ideas. Some are small business ideas, while others might have the potential to become billion dollar business ideas (please, read more about this under FAQ).

Breakfast in a Box

πŸ‘‰ Hotel visitors are advised to bring their preferred breakfast foods and skip hotels that impose surcharges to ensure a pleasant stay.

πŸ’‘ A subscription-based service that delivers a box of breakfast food items to your hotel before your arrival, eliminating the need to bring your own breakfast foods. The box includes a selection of cereals, pastries, fruit, and coffee/tea. The service partners with hotels to ensure seamless delivery upon check-in.

FluCare Connect

πŸ‘‰ Individuals in Massachusetts face long wait times for doctor appointments during cold and flu season due to a shortage of primary care physicians, with fewer than 120,000 family medicine doctors available.

πŸ’‘ FluCare Connect is a mobile app that provides virtual consultations with primary care physicians to residents in Massachusetts during cold and flu season, reducing wait times and increasing access to healthcare. Users can schedule appointments, receive prescriptions, and access health resources.

EcoSeat Exchange

πŸ‘‰ Consumers are misled by visually appealing online furniture that is poorly made, leading to dissatisfaction and financial loss as products like $1,200 Instagram sofas are discarded within two years due to inferior construction.

πŸ’‘ EcoSeat Exchange is a platform connecting eco-conscious consumers with sustainable furniture manufacturers for hassle-free trade-ins of old sofas for new, durable, and environmentally friendly alternatives. Customers benefit from cost-effective upgrades while reducing waste.

Fresh Fare Express

πŸ‘‰ Rural towns in the U.S., like those in Nebraska and Kansas, face significant challenges due to the closure of grocery stores, with many counties having no grocery stores, impacting access to fresh food.

πŸ’‘ Fresh Fare Express is a mobile grocery delivery service catering to rural towns in the U.S. like those in Nebraska and Kansas, providing fresh produce and essential groceries directly to customers' doorsteps on a scheduled basis. Customers can place orders through an easy-to-use app or website, ensuring convenient access to healthy food options.

Wind Turbine Material Recycling

πŸ‘‰ The wind industry is grappling with the technical challenges of recycling remaining materials from turbines and permanent magnets used in modern turbines.

πŸ’‘ Offer a service for wind turbine operators to collect and recycle remaining materials from decommissioned turbines, including permanent magnets. The service will handle the logistics and provide a sustainable solution for recycling these materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions that aren't addressed here. You can also chat with me about any of the ideas on Telegram.

Big Startup Ideas is a database of startup business ideas designed to inspire entrepreneurs. We use our AI-powered software to find opportunities in online data and generate these ideas, as opposed to traditional 'startup idea generators', which just generate ideas without any basis in actual data.

Lucho (a Ph.D. guy with years of experience in innovation and tech research, and the sole developer at Big Startup Ideas) codes the software, curates the AI findings and explores different approaches that improve idea creation. He regularly does research consulting with startups, other tech companies and some enterprise clients.

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